1. I have a serious love for pancakes…they’re the perfect weekend breakfast item.  Thankfully, my husband is an expert pancake flpper so I don’t have to do without.  I came across this recipe a while ago when I had no more pancake mix to be found in my pantry.  This trumps any pancake mix I’ve ever had AND it’s made with real ingredients AND it’s much cheaper than the boxed stuff.  You’ll thank me later…..I accept Vermont maple syrup as payment…..Enjoy! (Thanks pocket change gourmet).


  2. This is really cool.  I love seeing all the different foods of each country.  


  3. "Is it possible to love pancakes too much? No, I don’t think so. If I could, I’d eat pancakes every single day of the week."
  4. Breakfast…starting the day right.

  5. The makings of a good crystal roll…

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours!  We were blessed with family time and a delicious selection of desserts (many of which were homemade and included flour-less chocolate cake with raspberry sauce, lemon ricotta tart with apricot jam, mini turtle cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies (the BEST EVER), and holiday snowball cookies.  May your Christmas be filled with loving family, sweet treats, and many blessings.  Here’s to a terrific New Year in and out of the kitchen.    

  7. It’s that time of year where I run out of flour and bust out my French rolling pin.  This week I’m making some orange cranberry pecan coffee cake bread!  Mmmm….stay warm! 

  8. Tried my hand at making 100% handmade croissants a few weeks ago.  They were worth the hard work, butter, and elbow grease.  Got 11 hours to spare?  Make croissants!  Ok, so they’re not your everyday baking project but trust me, once you bite into the soft yet shattering layers of buttery pastry wonder, you’ll want to make them again and again.

    I’m thinking next time of playing around with some of the flavors (in addition to the classic plain variety): lemon curd filled, chocolate, or almond paste.  These croissants didn’t last more than 1 day in our house for good reason—they were far superior than any G or I have ever tried in the States.

    It’s an impressive feat to pull these out of the oven with their golden hues and buttery aroma and know that you made them.  Take that grocery store bakery!  I can make these all by myself, thank you very much.

    Put on some Edith Piaf, make a café au lait, plate up a croissant or two, and you’d swear you were in La France. 

  9. Hitting the streets of Boulder, we were in search of a good ol’ hamburger…We found ourselves at The Dark Horse, an institution around these parts since 1975.  The walls are filled with junk, the place probably hasn’t been dusted since the late ‘90’s, and it would seem that everyone has carved their initials in the wooden booths.  That’s what I like about this place; its kitschy charm.  We weren’t there to mess around with decor and circumstance, we were there to eat! 

    I’d say the burgers are good—greasy, almost impossible to eat without napkins, and cooked to order.  The fries?  Well, they could use some improvement.  The service was agreeable and I think we’ll return again.  

  10. It was a late lunch date for G and I one day at KT’s BBQ in Boulder.  We must’ve just missed the lunch time rush as the place was fairly quiet. 

    Being that my dad is of Southern heritage, I’m pretty picky about my BBQ.  I have to have the usual sides of either beans or ‘slaw with my pork sandwich.  Secondly, the pork brisket has to be chopped or pulled.  Sliced brisket is not an option for this girl.  

    We got our pork sandwiches, sides (we chose the zesty baked beans), and some sweet tea and headed outside to the restaurant’s nice little patio area outside.  It was a nice fall day and it was perfect for chowin’ down on BBQ filed delights.  At each table, they had three different sauces to choose from: hot, mustard, or sweet.  

    I really enjoyed the pork; it wasn’t too dry or greasy whatsoever.  Both of which are huge thumbs up for me.  I would’ve liked a thicker, more richer BBQ sauce and the baked beans were a bit on the spicy side for me but I still enjoyed them.  

    Overall, I’d say the star of the show here is the pork, which is what BBQ is all about in addition to the perfect bun on which it was served.  BBQ sauce can always be improved or tweaked, good pork cannot.  

    The location is a little of the way, which is one of the many reasons I really like this little place.  It’s not fancy BBQ and it really delivers the beef on an affordable lunch.  You’ll see this girl back there again for sure to fill her belly.